Ethorse to be the First Third-Party Dapp to
Join the P3D Ecosystem

Integration goes live in:

Integration is now live!

What is Ethorse and P3D?

P3D is a blockchain managed smart-contract economy that is home to the immensely popular FOMO3D DApps.

These games have collectively generated more than 460,000 ETH in volume and dividend income to P3D token holders.

Ethorse is the world's first DApp that enables traders, crypto-enthusiasts and others to bet on the future price of cryptocurrencies.

Ethorse will soon be the first third-party DApp integrated into the P3D ecosystem

How Will Ethorse Be Integrated into the P3D Ecosystem?

A percentage of Ethorse DApp volume will be used to purchase P3D tokens daily.

Dividends from these purchases will be automatically delivered to P3D token holders through the POWH3D exchange.

How Will the Ethorse Community Benefit?

  • HORSE token holders will receive a constant dividend stream from the P3D tokens purchased by Ethorse, this is in addition to the rewards HORSE holders are entitled to from daily Ethorse DApp volume
  • Significant exposure to the 15,000+ global P3D community

How Will the P3D Community Benefit?

  • Additional P3D dividend income from Ethorse DApp volume
  • Expansion of the P3D ecosystem and DApp economy

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